We are living in massive data times, and science is not different. New sequencing technologies are filling hard disks with terabytes of information, billion of sequences that need to be analyzed in a proper way. But not only sequence data is growing, gene expression or metabolites concentrations are analyzed by hundred or thousands, in a way that makes difficult, if not impossible, the use of simple tools such as Excel. Bioinformatic skills are needed, not only for computational biologist, they are needed also for biologists and biochemists that are analyzing more than one gene, protein or metabolite at the same time.

Under this perspective, we have decided to expand the bioinformatic knowledge between the postdoc community at Boyce Thompson Institute through this course. We try to keep it as simple as we can, with just one idea: “Show useful tools to resolve common problems found during the omics data analysis”. For example, if I have two lists of hundred of genes, how can I combine them and find the common ones, or how can I analyze GO terms for my over-expressed genes, or how can download a chromosome region using Jbrowse or… there are dozens of examples.

Finally, Why a blog ? Well, it is easy to put everything together, not only presentations and exercises, also ideas and comments.

Hope that you enjoy it,

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